Moving Tips

Below are some moving tips to remember when moving to the Pocono Mountains!

1. Try to make moving arrangements well in advance. The summer months are the peak moving season, especially the first few days and the last few days of the month. Try avoiding moving at these times.

2. Before having a moving agent visually survey your household contents to prepare an estimate, make sure you know what is to be moved and what is staying or being discarded. Make sure the agent sees everything that is to be moved. Nothing more and nothing less - that way a true estimate can be made.

3. When packing your own contents be careful to use suitable containers and packing material.

4. Be sure to notify your local post office of your pending move and leave a forwarding address.

5. Be sure to dispose of flammables such as cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, matches and fireworks. Drain all fuels from power mowers and other machinery. Dispose of all partly used cans of oil, paint, bleach or any other substance that may leak.

6. Obtain written appraisals of all antique and other valuable items. Document all these valuables carefully.

7. Before making a decision on what moving company to use be sure to obtain at least two estimates. Make sure the company is reputable, preferably with a national reputation.

8. Below are web sites of three reputable moving companies that could move your family to the Poconos or anywhere across North America.

Allied Van Lines

North American Van Lines

United Van Lines